Book Forget-Me-Not for your cabaret and entertainment. If you are looking for a theatrical experience with a scripted narrative, choose from her one-woman shows! Accompanied by Paul Lewis at the piano or quality backing tracks.

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Deco Delights

Mr & Mrs Lewis (89)
Photograph by Emmy-Lou

Accompanied at the piano by Paul Lewis

Cabaret show – non scripted

Running time: Up to 1 hour 30 minutes

A delightful introduction to the songs and personalities of the Art Deco period such as Mae West, Helen Kane, Jack Buchanan and the ‘De-lovely’ Cole Porter. Forget-Me-Not has wowed audiences on both sides of the world with her romantic, charming and entertaining collection of period songs. Forget-Me-Not is a well-loved performer who receives rave reviews for her warm personality, acting ability and the quality of her voice.

“Such an enjoyable evening”…”tremendous performance”…”the best event I have seen here in seven years”

“Thank you both so much for the fantastic ‘Deco Delights.’ I have met up with several of the audience members at other events and all have said they would love to see you again.”

“She sings with utter conviction in whatever genre she chooses.”

“What an absolute delight you shared with us yesterday! Thank you so much for coming again. You two really are something special.”

“At one point in her recital Sharon Elizabeth Lewis recalled her time in the Art Deco city of Napier, New Zealand. Calling jokily for champagne she was immediately served with it. That sums up her voice: a fizzing brilliance full of immediate wink and richness, high and crystalline. Her diction’s equally crisp, served at the right temperature. Returning to her favourite Chapel Royal, a bell-like bloom added an aural bouquet this artist particularly enjoys. In her persona Forget-Me-Not, a scandalous cut-off flapper raunches through cabaret to send us steaming into the new year.“Cole Porter’s ‘Night and Day’, sassy and sexy preceded Berlin’s musical Top Hat ‘Cheek to Cheek’. Lewis confesses to skewing male numbers and tongue-in-cheek nailed several. These included the delicious 1926 ‘Masculine Women and Feminine Men’ blacklisted by the BBC, ‘Everything Stops for Tea’ and ‘Keep Young and Beautiful’ with its cringe-line ‘it’s your duty to be beautiful’: Lewis gendered it equally. We ended with Coward’s ‘Goodbye’ and participatory ‘Smile and the Whole World..’ and ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’. The audience proved they knew the words. Lewis’ light coloratura soprano is only the three-quarters of it. Acting slinkily from beret to boots, Lewis relished her cabaret knack of seducing us in rib-nudges. Composer-pianist Paul Lewis was all pin-point sympathy with just the right rolling touch for this exceptional actor-singer.”

Christmas Cracker Cabaret


Accompanied at the piano by Paul Lewis

Cabaret show – non scripted

Running time: Up to 1 hour 30 minutes

International cabaret artiste Forget-Me-Not specialises in the glamorous and decadent art deco age. To ignite your festive season and set your event off with a big bang, her Christmas Cracker Cabaret will captivate and titillate your audience with nostalgic Christmas songs infused with plenty of seasonal sauce and spice! The effervescent Forget-Me-Not is renowned for her singer/actor abilities, vocal versatility and delightfully beguiling entertainer’s flair. Accompanied at the piano by her beau, this couple will evoke a class act of a bygone era.

Forget-Me-Not will also compère a good old fashioned sing-a-long with song sheets provided!

“I have had many fantastic comments about the evening and the members have said how much they thoroughly enjoyed being entertained by you and were particularly taken by the ‘shaving’ song and your beautiful period costume.”

“Christmas Cracker Cabaret was a highlight of the season at Little Bay”

“Again this duo’s consummate recreative fizz is hard to find matched anywhere: music is recomposed, there’s a pin-point twist and Elizabeth’s sudden trills let alone whoops are stratospheric. Composer Lewis will pull a line such as ‘My Favourite Things’ on ‘sad’ or he and Elizabeth riff a wholly re-composed middle section for it or indeed leaven Howard Blake’s ‘The Snowman’ with Dave Brubeck’s ‘Take Five’ – in waltz-time. Elizabeth’s introductions cajole a winter-chilled audience into cheer. Elizabeth’s coloratura soprano pings the gorgeous Chapel Royal acoustic into grateful bloom. She enjoys a rich champagne voice: sexily frothy, creamy with playful reserves of oomph and velvety power. 1934’s jingly ‘Santa Claus’, Boswells/Tormé’s harmonically glowing ‘Chestnuts Roasting By the Fire’, and the arch ‘I saw Mummy kissing Santa’ (Jimmy Boyd performed it at thirteen!) flow with festive effervescence. There’s winks with a pc-rewrite for ‘Fairy on a Christmas Tree’. ‘Red Red Robin’ bobs whackily; ‘White Christmas’ gets The Lewises recast music treatment. If ‘Winter Wonderland’ gets straight cuteness ‘My Favourite Things’ as mentioned only enjoys this creative swerve elsewhere in jazz. Lewis’ ‘Child’s Carol’ sounds like Roger Quilter revisited: crystalline, like Elizabeth’s voice and Lewis’ pianism which changes ‘Snowman’ forever. The finale jaunted a singalong medley. Five-starred entertainment. 

One-Woman Shows

Forget-Me-Not Wears the Trousers

Forget-Me-Not WTT
  Photograph by Alison Baskerville

Devised, written and directed by Sharon Elizabeth AKA Forget-Me-Not

With musical director Paul Lewis at the piano.

Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes

International cabaret artiste Forget-Me-Not, AKA Sharon Elizabeth, slips past the censor and turns up the heat, performing risqué and banned songs from the 20s and 30s and celebrating Jazz Age sexual liberation and gender cross-pollination!  A fabulous feast of vocal versatility.

 “You transported me into another world, which was so nostalgically evocative that I lost for a while all sense of where I was or when or how!”

“Brilliant, funny, inspiring – had us all grinning from ear to ear all the way home.”

“Hosted and performed by the charming Sharon Elizabeth and accompanied on the piano by Paul Lewis. We were transported back through time to the golden era of Mae West and other such revolutionary artists. Forget-Me-Not’s lovely repertoire kept the audience enthralled and titillated by the wonderfully risqué song choices. Highlight of the evening was their version of ‘Mad about the Boy’ as well as hearing the fascinating history behind it and a magnificent finale of ‘Nessun Dorma’ really showcased her powerful voice. The crowd was delighted when the duo returned to do an encore of the previous cheeky little number ‘My Girl’s Pussy’.

“Sharon Elizabeth, just to say how compelled I am to congratulate you on your spectacular show – I had the pleasure of seeing Forget-Me-Not at the Hurly-Burly in Brighton Fringe Festival and was utterly delighted. You had the look, you had the act and above all you had the voice – short of inventing a time machine back to another decade, you truly are the sort of decadence we lack nowadays!” 

“Wonderful, wonderful evening…..just naughty enough to be entertaining and certainly nice enough to be divinely classy.”

Forgotten Love Songs and Loves Best Forgotten…

Feather BW
        Photograph by Penelope Coleman

Devised, written and directed by Sharon Elizabeth AKA Forget-Me-Not

With musical director Paul Lewis at the piano

Running time: 1 hour

Meet Forget-Me-Not for a late night rendezvous in her dressing room at Le Jardin de Plaisirs.  The deliciously naughty flapper recalls her life in the Roaring Twenties through a dazzling collection of period songs that will romance your heart and tickle your fancy!

 “Commanded the stage and captivated the audience”  “Anything but Forgettable.” 

“Clever and catchy songs performed by a hugely talented cabaret star, ‘Forget Me Not’ will definitely not disappoint. The roaring twenties become real once more with Sharon Elizabeth giving a heart-warming performance as a feisty flapper who plays with the audience in true cabaret style.” 

“Sharon Elizabeth waltzed onto the stage and gave us an hour of sheer decadence and glamour” “She captures the spirit of the era of the 1920s and made us believe we were actually there.”
“All the songs and dialogue were linked really smoothly and the ride we were taken on was certainly one to remember.” 

Around the World in 80 Minutes 

Around The World with Forget-Me-Not
   Costume by Claire Ashley

Devised, written and directed by Sharon Elizabeth AKA Forget-Me-Not

With musical director Paul Lewis at the piano

Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Forget-Me-Not the beguiling flapper takes a vacation aboard the cruise ship ‘Imagination.’ The songbird takes you on a whirlwind musical journey around the world, docking for the odd cocktail and witty interlude on the way. A sumptuous evening of popular songs of the 1920-30s made famous by characters such as Helen Kane, the original Boop-Boop-a-Doop Girl, and the oh so very charming Jack Buchanan.  You will also be treated to some beautiful opera, traditional songs and original songs in the style of the era by British TV/film composer Paul Lewis. Forget-Me-Not plays with her audience in true cabaret style, so expect plenty of interaction as the whole theatre becomes her stage. Around the World in 80 Minutes gives a wonderful snapshot of this glamorous period. Meet the Captain of this fine ship and wear your cruising clothes for a glitzy night to remember.

“Rollicking good show at the Med….Sharon Elizabeth presented  a polished performance and her versatile, classically trained voice allowed the audience to enjoy songs from many different countries…the final song for the evening was a fitting choice, ‘Hine e Hine’ ”

“We were all tired when we came but now we feel brighter, happier and younger!”